James B. Hanks

About me

My name is James Hanks and this is my all-purpose personal website. My current imperative is to build myself a new career which puts together as much of my training and experience as possible. I hope that this site will attract potential partners in that endeavor. The bulk of my adult work experience has been laboratory research with rodent models of psychiatric disease. After the failure of my academic career, I am looking to try new things. In addition to formal training in neuroscience, genomics, and statistical analysis, I double-majored in anthropology and psychology. I have dabbled in visual arts of one kind or another since I was a toddler amd love creative work, although I have minimal training in art or design. And while I have no formal training in history or geopolitics, I am fluent enough in these topics to discuss them with people who are experts. I believe I am well prepared to be an information worker in several different domains and bridge gaps between them. I love to learn, so I welcome opportunities that involve learning new skills. At this point in my life, there are several directions I could go and I am currently trying to figure out where I would best fit in. I am interested in employment, collaborations, or just connecting with people who have compatible interests.